Prepare for The Journey

We have developed tools, language, culture, electronic machines, just so you can forget The Journey.

I am very old. Older than your species. So how do I still look so good?
We recommend you use these addons to enhance your experience in Liberty City:

1) Grand Theft Auto 4 patched to v1.0.4.0

+ Provides maximum compatibility with the ENB graphical addon below.
Welcome to the golden twilight of Western civilization.

! To get the most from your Liberty City experience, we also recommend you use XLiveLess (v0.999b7).

2) Simple/natural ENB + SweetFX

+ Provides authentic high dynamic range, greater contrast and anti-aliasing among other visual enhancements, with minimal impact on performance.
A true ocular orgasm.

! If the colors overwhelm you, we recommend you set your saturation to -0.25 using SweetFX.

3) SKI’s Realistic Night Cycle v1.0

+ Provides authentic, dark Liberty City nights with minimal impact on performance.
It will grow dark soon. This could be your final evening.

! Hurry up! Everyone is waiting for you. In fact, the party is almost over.
(You may need to register with the LCPDFR to download this addon.)

4) Flashlight v1.0

+ Why you are poking around in the darkness of Liberty City is not our business, but should you find yourself looking where the sun does not shine, we recommend you pack this versatile flashlight.

! You wouldn’t find flowers in the desert, so don’t expect to find gems in the bowels of this city either. (You may need to register with the LCPDFR to download this addon.)

5) Silence!

+ For a city in a perpetual frenzy, your work can still turn heads. But now it needn’t. Press ‘X’ to muffle your equipment.

! Now you can work can in near total silence, but remember you’re not invincible.
You are listening to The Journey but you have tuned it out.